Fuuen Inbound workshop
A pottery workshop by the Ota River in Hiroshima
Touch soft clay to learn iron, the history of Hiroshima

Ceramic electric wheel 3 kg of clay (for 6 to 8 pieces)
Fired product 2 piece
(additional 1 piece \ 1000 ・ actual cost of shipping)

Okonomiyaki History of iron making

Time: 4-5 hours Adjusted by bus time

Number of people: 1 to 4 people
Price: \ 10,000 (1 people)
    \ 15,000 (2 people)
    \ 20,000 (3 people)
    \ 25,000 (4 people)

Reservation: 2 days before arrival in English by email

There is no cancellation by rain

It is not possible if there is a prepayment
Cancellation fee is 100% on the day, 50% on the day before

柔らかい粘土に触れて 広島の風土である鉄を学ぶ

体験:陶芸電動ホイール 粘土3kg(6〜8個分)
   お好み焼き  製鉄の歴史

時間:4〜5時間 バスの時刻で調整





Ceramics are popular in Japan.
In the electric wheel experience, let's feel like the fingertips are sucked in at the center and the feeling of stretching by pinching with pin points.
Even so, it is the "wabi-sabi" that is distorted and the depth of the pottery.


Hiroshima's soul food is "Okonomiyaki."
The post-war reconstruction of Hiroshima is the monotsukuri industry made of iron, and it is a popular food made of iron plate.

Recently, low temperature cooking that brings out the sweetness of vegetables is popular.
"Okonomiyaki" made with the super heat resistant skillet of "Fuuen-pottery" is evolved by low temperature cooking, low temperature sealing and far infrared rays.



Hiroshima is a town that has developed through the metal processing industry that processes iron.
The footsteps of history are in the upper Ota River, which flows through Hiroshima.
That is "Tatara Steel Making".



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Hiroshima Pottery Workshop

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 Fuuen Inbound workshop example  
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